Providing luxury executive helicopter flights in Dubai as well as specialised helicopter aerial filming and photography, helidubai is the region’s premier helicopter services company.

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Welcome to helidubai

Dubai's Premier Helicopter Service

Our Fleet

helidubai operates two Italian built Agusta 109e helicopters for all corporate and VIP transfer flights. These 4-6 passenger, fast twin engine, luxuriously appointed helicopters offer the ultimate in comfort for the discerning client. Leather seating, air conditioning and chilled drinks come as standard.

The Agusta 109 can be operated both day and night and for single pilot or two crew operation as required.

The high-performance AS350 B3 which is equipped for such multi-role operations as aerial filming and photography, charter flights and sightseeing tours, outclasses all other single engine helicopters for operation, versatility and safety. It excels in hot conditions making it an ideal aircraft for the Middle East. This is helidubai's primary aerial filming aircraft.

The EC130 B4 is the perfect choice for touring flights. A large cabin allows passengers a perfect un-restricted view from all seating postions. The addition of the Fenestron enclosed tail rotor reduces noise by up to 30% for increased noise reduction and comfort.

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Our Fleet

  • Helidubai - Agusta 109E

    Agusta 109E

    The A109E is a versatile aircraft that offers the highest level of benefits for commercial, government and military markets, combining optimum performance and comfort.

    The Power’s flexibility allows it to perform executive transport with stylish elegance. In addition,  the A109E is valued by operators and pilots alike for its outstanding performance, reliability and ease of maintenance combined with mission flexibility, high speed and productivity.

    It is single pilot IFR certified and can perform Category “A” take-offs from elevated helipads without any payload reduction, while complying with the European regulations relating to Class 1 performance helicopters.

    Pilot workload is reduced by way of a digital glass cockpit with six liquid crystal instrument displays.

  • Helidubai - AS350 B3

    AS350 B3

    Thanks to its extremely low vibration levels, the AS350 B3 is an excellent choice for tours,aerial photography, cinema or television missions. Offering multiple cabin configurations and interior finish options, the AS350 B3 can be easily adapted to any type of mission. When refinement, comfort and aesthetics are determining factors, the AS350 B3 can be fitted with top-quality amenities.

    The powerful, high-performance AS350 B3 is designed to carry out the most demanding missions in the most extreme weather and geographical conditions. Its exceptional lifting capability, high endurance, extended range and fast cruise speed make the AS350 B3 the leader in its class.

    These aircraft are mainly used for high performance missions in "high and hot" conditions.